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Hertz, the unit of frequency, the number of cycles per second.


From the brand’s name to the product characteristics, everything at Hertz car audio  reflects that we are a performance-oriented company,
by philosophy and design

The enthusiasm for music vibrates within the Hertz team and lies at the heart of everything we do: over the years we have built an outstanding team of talented and passionate engineers who are committed to designing products at the top level of audio performance.


Each new project starts from the fans’ and enthusiasts’ needs and is developed to connect them straight to the emotional power of music.


Hertz philosophy is a unique combination of premium sound, living tradition, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined in a complete line of products for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.


A complete product range to experience the thrill of high quality sound, in any situation. At Hertz we believe in delivering complete solutions to our customers’ needs with products that perfectly work together. The Hertz amplifiers and loudspeakers offer the possibility of building a system optimized for top performance.


Hertz, frequency unit of measure, number of cycles made in a second (Hz). Music vibrates within us, feeding our passion and desire for improvement. Our own satisfaction is the first requirement our products must meet; the same satisfaction we want to be felt by those who long for the emotion of car audio.


The constant evolution of our know-how enriches the most precious human resource: experience. Our deep knowledge of acoustics inside car compartment, design requirements and production processes keeps Hertz products at absolute excellence levels. Always.


Hertz team’s men considerably contribute to car hi-fi development and progress. Their research program is cutting-edge, continuous innovations are usual to them. V-cone®, Tetolon Fibre, Rotary High Frequency Contour, Removable Moving Assembly… It’s the responsibility of being ahead.

Quality Standards

In order to achieve the high quality standards of Hertz, we are not satisfied with testing a sampling from each lot: we use the most advanced testing instruments to analyze every component with computerized control process, supervised by highly qualified staff. We are an ISO 9901:2008 certified company, which guarantees our customers and partners, transparency and professionalism in quality management.